Hugo Gomes,
Personal coach

MTB och landsväg och med en rad internationella framgångar som coach. Hugo är rätt coach för dig som tränar mot specifika mål, som lopp eller tävlingar, och som vill kliva om konkurenterna. Hugo coachar på engelska.

about hugo

Since i was born, cycling was always present. From riding my first road bike a Eddy Merckx and watching the Giro, Vuelta and of course the mother of all Cycling events Le Tour de France. I was fascinated how it was possible to tackle those hills being a simple human. Very soon this sparked my desire to compete myself and feel what those riders felt.
Competing in Swiss Epic, Andalucia Bike Race, Vuelta a Andalucia, Vasallopet only made my hunger to understand what makes a good cyclist grow.

After I got my UCI title and coaching certificates, I strived to reach world championship level and came to the privilege to place one of my athletes as number 4th worldwide. This made me want to reach all levels of cyclists and make cycling coaching to my mission.

- UCI Coaching Title since 2015
- special degree in women coaching (takes in consideration hormonal cycles and female physiology)  
- coached world championship contenders
- Location scout for Bahrein Merida for 3 years in a row.
- Organised Camps in and out of mainland Spain for a decade
- Judge for several bike races, such as Andalucia Bike Race
- Spanish Champion in 24h resistance road racing
- Coached Juniors for the Spanish federation
- Coached a 5 time Spanish Masters 50 Champion

Tre nivåer

Vad vill du få ut av din träning? Hur mycket tid har du att lägga? Nedan finns en beskrivning av tre olika upplägg på personlig coachning från Hugo. Det finns en fjärde, för dig som siktar mot stjärnorna - men det upplägget blir helt individuellt.

välj din nivå

BRONZE - 900 kr/måndaden

• Elite Coach
• Availability of 6-9 hours weekly
• Schedule updated and synced to Studio Echelon’s plan
• 2 Files Analysed / wk
• 2 text chats / wk
• 2 phone calls / mo
• 2 plan alterations / mo
• Monthly review with coach
• 3 month minimum term
• SEK350 start up fee
• 20% discount on testing

When our athletes select the Bronze Coaching Level, they know they're getting the best value for interaction that we offer. We'll look after you whatever type of cycling or multi-sport events you do. We're here to talk with you regularly, and text you. We'll help you peak and taper for your important events and look in detail at your selected training and racing files. Faster, leaner, and more powerful than before.

SILVER - 1500 kr/månaden

• Elite Coach
• Availability of 9-12 hours weekly
• Schedule weekly and synced to Studio Echelon’s weekly plan
• 4 files analysed / wk
• 4 text chats / wk
• 4 phone calls / mo
• 2 plan alterations / mo
• 1 group tech session / mo
• Monthly & Quarterly reviews with coach
• 3 month minimum term
• SEK1000 start up fee
• 30% discount on testing
• 5% discount on Cycling Camps
• Synced Strength & Conditioning training (PT not included in the price)
• 1 dietary analysis / year

Athletes who choose our Silver Coaching level, receive our most wanted level of coaching. We provide plenty of feedback and analysis on your training with Silver Coaching, and will help you achieve your goals so that you can crush your boundaries. Athletes who choose this level are serious about making gains in their performance, to tickle the last watts out of those legs. Your training will be carefully programmed using our rigorous planing methodology, so that you arrive at your important races and/or events at the highest level of fitness possible.

GOLD - 3000 kr/månaden

• Performance Analyst
• Availability of 12-16 hours weekly
• Schedule updated and synced to Studio Echelon’s daily plan
• All files analysed
• Unlimited text chats
• Unlimited phone calls
• Unlimited plan alterations
• 2 group tech session / mo
• 1 one on one tech session / mo
• Monthly & Quarterly reviews with coach
• 6 month minimum term • SEK1175 start up fee
• Monthly testing included
• Synced Strength & Conditioning (Plan not included in the price)
• 4 dietary analysis / year
• 20% discount on bikefit
• 20% discount on Studio Echelon Team kit  
• 10% discount on Cycling Camps

Selecting our Gold Coaching means you want the ultimate level of expertise in your coaching. Working directly with our Performance analyst, Hugo Gomes, you'll be utilising the most in-depth coaching possible, where you'll have unlimited contact with Hugo. We leave no stone unturned to help you achieve your best performances. Gold Level is reserved for a very limited amount of athletes so coach Hugo can devote the time needed to improve your performance. Choose Gold Coaching if you want the absolute best in coaching and want to smash your goals and races.

I'm interested

Send an email to Hugo and arrange for a first, free of charge consultation.

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Hugo nivå 1
900 kr
3 mån
Hugo nivå 2
1500 kr
3 mån
Hugo nivå 3
3000 kr
6 mån
Pål nivå 1
2000 kr
3 mån
Pål nivå 2
3000 kr
6 mån