FÖRETAGSTRÄNING: working towards aN incredible achievement

"På EVLI startade vi en Triathlon Challenge år 2013. Detta har visat sig vara ett framgångsrikt sätt att lära känna våra kunder ännu bättre. Vi simmar, cyklar och springer tillsammans. Cyklingen var svår att få ihop fram till hösten 2018 när vi började hos Studio l’Echelon. Sedan dess har cyklingen varit den mest uppskattade delen av träningen varje vecka. Prova själv och du kommer förstå varför."

We make it a reality

Do you have a dream to take your team or colleagues on a journey, working towards an incredible cycling achievement together? Maybe Vätternrundan, Halvvättern, or perhaps a triathlon?

Or are you looking for a more interesting way to get your clients or network together, sweat and have fun whilst getting a great workout.

Whatever goals, ambitions or dreams you may have for your group, at Studio l’Echelon we are here to help make them a reality.



From beginner to pro, young to old, everyone has a rewarding experience at Echelon. Being able to share the experience with your colleagues and network with clients, has already proven to be very successful with corporate groups here at Echelon. Our expert coaches are floor based, as opposed to riding with the class, this way they can circulate the room offering one-on-one support, guidance and group motivation.

How does it work?

We work in power (watts) which is what all riders want, or should want, if they wish to become better cyclists. Our software enables us to create a personal profile for every rider to ensure that their experience is unique to their level of fitness. This means that everyone has the same intensity as everyone else. This creates a positive environment where a rider’s effort, not their output, is the reward.

5, 10 or 20 sessions?

These are the two types of packages that your group can choose from with us here at Echelon.

If you’re interested in us taking you towards a certain goal, such as Vätternrundan, we can put together a package of 10 or 20 training sessions leading up to that goal with individual training plans. For your sessions, you can choose from:

Echelon Class Spots

If you are a smaller group of up to 15 people, you can join one of our lunchtime or later evening scheduled cycling classes. This way you can join in the atmosphere of one of our member classes, following our week-on-week variety of planned class progressions. There is a minimum of 10 riders.


This gives you exclusive use of the cycling lab, complete with an expert coach to follow your group on the journey, along with a training progression plan customised for your group. The cycling lab can have up to 35 riders.

Stretch, relax, sauna, mingle

After the class you and your group are of course welcome to use all our premium facilities; stretch out in the gym, sauna and shower, plus you can relax and mingle in our lounge area afterwards.


Talk to Scott and see how we can help your group forward.

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