Do I need to be an Elitmotionär to train at studio l’echelon?

DEFINITELY NOT! We are really proud to offer an environment in which all riders can feel comfortable. Even if you’re just starting to ride or have been riding for decades Studio L’Echelon is for you. We have members of all levels of ability and age training with us. Because we personalise every workout for every rider we can ensure that everyone is equally challenged by the workouts. We offer training for everyone. From GO to Pro you’ll be supported at Studio L’Echelon.

I don’t know my FTP or Max heart rate? Can i train?

Absolutely. If you don’t know these numbers speak with our staff and they will estimate what your numbers will be. Speak to us after the class and we can adjust the numbers until it’s perfect for you. The other option is to book a FTP test but if you’re just starting training it’s best to leave this for a little while as it is a demanding effort.

What do i do when I arrive for a class?

Come to the reception desk and check-in with one of our Domestiques. They will check you in and give you a clean HR strap to use in the class. If you want to adjust your FTP in the training system you can do it then or after the class.

what do i need to bring for a class?

Just your shoes and a water bottle. We provide a sweat towel and heart rate monitor so all you need to do is get on the bike and ride.

What type of pedals do your bikes have?

Our pedals have dual-sided clipless pedals. One side is Look and the other is Shimano SPD. You can still use the SPD-SL cleats in the Look pedals but they are a little harder to unclip from. We also have toe cages which can be fitted if you don’t have riding shoes.

Can i do classes from the mattias reck winter programme even if i’m not following the programme?

Definitely! They are great workouts on their own. If you have any questions on how you can adapt the training programme or other classes to suit your goals please contact us.

how do your lockers work?

Our lockers are the type which take your own lock. We sell compatible locks in case you forget or need one.

why do i need to book a spot?

We ask you to book a spot because we need to know in advance where you will be sitting so that we can ‘drop’ your personalised training profile onto that bike. That way all the data being display and recorded will be personalised for you.

What time should I arrive for my class?

Please arrive at least 15 mins before the class. If you haven’t arrived 5 mins before the start we reserve the right to give your spot to a waitlisted ride.

what is the latest time i can book a class online?

The window for booking a class online is 45 mins before the class start. If you want to book a spot inside this time please call us.

how do the ‘own training’ sessions work?

You book a spot in the same way as a normal class. Bring your own training a music and get stuck into what you have planned. We provide towels and HR monitors as normal. You may want to bring your own bike computer head unit to record the workout if you’re doing intervals and need to keep track of time. Our software will record everything in the background as well.