Bike Fitting and Pedal Analysis

Here at Echelon we pride ourselves on being able to offer excellent bike fitting services. In addition to having experienced staff we also utilise the latest in technology to make sure that you are position is perfect for your cycling goals. Whether it is getting the best aerodynamic position for an Ironman or time trail event, perfecting a mountain bike XC setup, or just being comfortable for your weekend ride we can help.

Everyone is unique and this is why we take time to get to know you before we even start to address the position on the bike. We start by talking about your cycling goals and events and understanding what injuries or issues you are having or have had in the past. This allows us to get a good picture of what areas we will need to address to fix your fit.

A fitting consists of 5 major steps:

  1. Getting to know you (over coffee!)

  2. Measurements. We look at your current setup and record the important heights and distances. We also record your height, limb length, torso etc to identify any areas which might impact how you sit on the bike

  3. Position adjustment. Using our Bikefitting euqipment we can replicate your current setup and then make changes quickly and while you pedal. We also use sensors to record your position and relevant angles. We will video and record you so that you can see your position and have these as references for the future. Once we have found your optimal position we record the measurements so that they can be applied to your current bike. PHOTOS

  4. Pedalling analysis. Our bikefitting machine is fitted with a power meter which allows us to identify how you are transmitting power through the pedals. This allows us to both identify any areas which need adjusting for your comfort and also to identify any areas of your pedal stroke which could be improved to give you better pedalling efficiency. We find that even with experienced cyclists a large amount of power generated is wasted in just overcoming your own pedalling. We analyse your stroke and then give you feedback on how and what to improve. By improving your pedalling efficiency you will become more energy efficient and faster. PHOTOS

  5. Adapting your bike. After we’ve finished the fit we take your new measurements and adjust your bike. If you need new parts we can make suggestions on what you can buy (we have some options for sale).

The bike fit with a follow up session (to check for changes and make further adjustments) is 3500kr. We do have a single fit for 2500kr however we recommend the follow-up option as we find that riders often change over time after a fit and we can improve their position further after a period of adaptation.

En bikefit hjälper dig, oavsett din nivå eller typ av cykel, att sitta bättre och bekvämare på cykeln. Med lång erfarenhet från bland annat Nya Zeelands landslag har studions grundare Selby länge varit besatt av bikefit och kommer tillsammans med vår PT Nicklas att lägga det som krävs för att få det helt rätt för dig. Givetvis med den senaste tekniken från

En bikefit tar ca 2,5 timmar och kostar 3500kr vilket inkluderar en uppföljning som vi anser vara lika viktig som det första besöket. Vill man bara ha en bikefit utan uppföljning kostar 2500kr.

Kom in och prata med oss för mer information eller fyll i intresseformuläret nedan så kontaktar vi dig och svarar på dina frågor.